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Fly with me by Szerzetes
Fly with me
Balem Abrasax,an OC and Balem's space pegasus Buru.
Buru is an own invention,he doesn't belong to Jupiter Ascending.
Under it is a space palace and that pink stuff originally wanted to be a forest with blooming trees,but probably it is the candied sugar syrup what great fit to the romantic story what I write about Balem Abrasax and his love.
I like fictional men.Probably I spend a lot of time alone,without a boyfriend.I spent less than two years in relationships and I am 25 years old now.

Now,this is an exclusive compilation of my fictional loves.


I fell in love with him when I was 3-5 years old little girl.He was my first love.He is wanderer,he lives at outside in a tent.He always goes to south when winter arrives.Snufkin can play accordion and he is a smoker.He is the best friend of Moomin,the moomintroll.I was always exciting,when he appeared on the TV screen.Naturally,I was worried for him in every dangerous situation.

Songoku(Dragon Ball)

I was 6-9 years old.It was more serious love because I felt a weird,unfamiliar feeling when I saw him shirtless and I always fantasized about he and the long,black haired girl's love life.Not least,I loved to watch when he fought.

Harry Potter

I was 11 years old.He was my first "real" love because the serious sexual content appeared.Actually I fell in love with Daniel Radcliffe's cute face but I didn't know anything about Daniel.We didn't have internet at home(I hated computers in those years)and I didn't read teenager girl magazines.I waited heatedly that when Harry will have sex with Hermione or he is going to undress.I was very disappointed when these things missed.

Urahara Kisuke(Bleach)

It came a long break because I tried to deal with the real boys.I was 20 years old when I saw him in Bleach.I had a real boyfriend,but our relationship was getting worse because he used me to a servant for him.I had to cook,clean the big flat every day during he was playing with his old typewriter.This situation was very unfair.Moreover he didn't give me free time only when I dealed with him.So,I broke up with him.My boyfriend was very jealous to Urahara because he is muscular and blond.
Urahara was my ideal man in those days:he is a northern typed man,he is a blondie and he can fight.And I loved to watch when he fought...

Kristoff Bjorgman(Frozen)

I had a little "flirt" with him in the winter of 2015.He is a northern typed man like Urahara:tall,muscular,blond,pale skinned.Initially,I didn't want to watch Frozen because it is a tale of two sister.Two girls bitching during the movie...But once,I saw Kristoff and the movie made sense for me!But in February,I watched a movie which changed everything...

Balem Abrasax(Jupiter Ascending)

I have always loved aliens.In my childhood I liked to watch X-Files.Probably I was 3-5 years old.That was my favourite TV program near Dallas,Moomin and Duck Tales.I dreamed about that aliens caught me.I wanted this very much.Later,I forgot aliens but in this February I watched Jupiter Ascending and I saw Eddie Redmayne as a sexy,six pack alien.I liked Eddie before,but he as an alien...His playing is wonderful in JA.I know every sin of Balem Abrasax,but this character is really attractive for me.I love very much when he is whispering evil things in black leather clothes.I love his hair,his clothes,his style,his refinery,his golden collar,his spaceship,his six pack...I think he is the best character in the movie.He is very cute,but very evil.I shudder pleasantly,when he shout.Finally,Eddie as an alien lord is really sexy.Now,when I hear that "alien" I think to a shirtless,attractive man with golden collar in a starry cloak.

I think,it is my most craziest journal.


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Drozdik Veronika
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Traditional medieval art.

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My first journal in English(and Hungarian).

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